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Is All German Wine Sweet? - Pinkies Up Ep. 2 (Recorded Live on Zoom)

October 07, 2020 Lake Geneva Country Meats Season 2 Episode 53
Dinner Plus Drinks
Is All German Wine Sweet? - Pinkies Up Ep. 2 (Recorded Live on Zoom)
Show Notes

Welcome to our series about wine - Pinkies Up! In this series, we talk about questions normal wine drinkers have and try to answer them in unpretentious ways. This episode, recorded during the height of the Oktoberfest season challenges Bridget's idea that all German wine is sweet. 

We recorded this episode live on Zoom with a group of customers who were also curious in this question. We were able to get comments and questions from our group of tasters, so we hope you enjoy what they had to say. Here are the six wines we tasted for this episode:

*Szigeti (pronounced Ziggity!) Blanc de Blanc - this Austrain sparkling wine is crisp with green apple and citrus fruit flavors and just a hint of salty minerality on the end.

*Stadt Krems Gruner Veltliner - this Austrain white wine is the perfect wine to try if you love Sauvignon Blanc, but want something with a little less grapefruit and more apple flavor.

*Dr. Hermann H Riesling - this German riesling is medium-dry, not too dry but also not too sweet, and the perfect wine for when you want something easy drinking and a little fruity but not over the top sugary.

*Schmitt Sohne Riesling Auslese - if you love sweet wines, this one is for you! This German wine is packed with honied apricot and peach flavors.

*Paul Achs Lust & Leben Red Blend - this is a fresh and fun red blend made entirely from Austrian native grapes. It's medium bodied with flavors of juicy cherry and raspberry.

*Villa Wolf Pinot Noir - Germany is starting to be able to make really delicious Pinot Noir in some warmer areas of the country. This one has dark red fruit and clove notes. It's super yummy.

You can also watch this episode on our YouTube channel if you'd like to see our outfits and keep track of the Zoom conversation. Just click here to see the video. 

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