Dinner Plus Drinks

Give Me The Cheese & Noodles - Dinner Plus Drinks #133

July 17, 2022 Bridget Leech & Nick Vorpagel Season 2 Episode 178
Dinner Plus Drinks
Give Me The Cheese & Noodles - Dinner Plus Drinks #133
Show Notes

We recorded on July 14th, and Nick was excited to celebrate Bastille Day, while Bridget was excited to celebrate Mac and Cheese Day - just give her the cheese and noodles!

Are you team champagne or team Kraft? Let us know.

  • If you want to read this very meta article about Coastal Granddaughter influencers being influence by other influencers to share the Coastal Grandpa style, check out this article recommended by Bridget.
  • Nick was interested by this article about Palomino Bar in Milwaukee closing. Bars close all the time, but Palomino isn't entirely closing - they're just limiting what they do. Is this a trend in the post-pandemic (are we post-pandemic?) world?
  • Bridget has rid herself of orange hair by using this Malibu Hard Water Hair Treatment. You can try it for yourself!
  • Nick and Bridget are both big fans of Indeed Brewing. We've tried their beers before on air and just had another event with them. They're nice people and the beer is delicious. Check them out!

We hope you have an awesome week, perhaps including a getaway like Bridget has planned for this weekend. We'll have details on that and lots more next week.

Talk soon - cheers!

Bridget & Nick